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A guide to ACR ELT collection at SAS

ACR ELT products from SAS

As long as your traveling routines are tied up with private flights, there is no need to emphasize how critical it is that you have a well-functioning Emergency Locator transmitter with you whenever you are on board. You may have an instinctive resilience in the face of all odds, however, since aviation is a field that involves unexpected emergencies, you should rely more on sophisticated safety devices like an ELT to make sure that your safety is never in the hands of danger. 

ACR Electronics is an old hand in crafting dependable and profitable safety equipment for general, military, and business aviation. Their range of products always brings the elements of creativity, efficiency, and innovation to best serve the varied requirements of aircraft users, especially customers from the business aviation circle. In order to provide fast search and rescue actions, ACR has developed a wide array of ELTs, differed by impressive features but not the primary purpose of assuring the victim’s survival and safety, that you can easily take along while traveling in private aircraft for trips and explorations. 

A yellow colour box with cords known as ACR ELT. It is a device for Emergency Locator Transmission.

What is an Emergency Locator Transmitter?

As in the name, ELT is a piece of electronic equipment that can be activated automatically/manually to locate the victim during the events of emergencies, for transmitting distress signals via satellites to alert the search and rescue team in the vicinity. Different types of ELTs allow distinct ranges of frequencies for the associated authorities to detect the victim’s position precisely and promptly and dispatch the search and rescue team without further ado.

How dependable are ACR products?

ACR Electronics has a long-standing reputation in the aviation industry for their avant-garde lifeguard equipment manufacturing capability along with 60+ years of prowess and knowledge in th

e arena of safety device production. Combining advanced technology with brilliant brains, they have accomplished quite a lot in developing high-performing ELTs that surpass limitations and work astonishingly well even in adverse conditions. Ever since 1956, ACR survival products continue to be the principal choice of NASA, the U.S. Military, and the U.S. Coast Guard.

In-stock ACR ELTs at SAS

ELT 4000 HM

Coming with an innovative battery system, which is completely exempt from FAA Lithium Battery compliance issues.

A yellow box know as ELT 400HM by ACR distributed by Seattle aviation solution ELT 4000HM

C406-1 HM

Transmitting three types of frequencies 121.5, 243.0, and 406 MHz, with the standard swept tone on 121.5 and 243.0 MHz. They activate automatically during a crash.

ELT 3000 & 3000 HM

Incorporated with a compact design, built-in navigation interface, two-wire remote switch, and stainless steel mounting bracket, the former device transmits your latitude/longitude every 50 seconds for 24 hours on the 406 MHz distress frequency. 3000 HM has an integrated NAV interface (ARINC429 or RS232) and it provides significant weight & cost reductions. 

ELT 345

Leading commercial aircraft manufacturers’ first choice, owing to the equipment’s world-class quality and exceptional performance. Designed with an in-built GPS navigation interface for position accuracy and other premium features to meet the industry’s quality management standards.

ELT 4000

A transport-grade device that employs alkaline batteries to facilitate low battery expense per cycle. It is also integrated with the NAV interface (ARINC429) and can be activated manually or automatically to quickly alert search and rescue teams.

ME406 series

ME406 series consists of single-output ELTs, which is designed to allow easy installation. The ME406 series sends an encoded signal every 50 seconds to facilitate quick rescue action. While ME406 ACE offers 6-year battery life, ME406 Portable allows the user to move away from the unsafe aircraft meanwhile resuming the transmission of distress signal through a wrap-around auxiliary antenna.

ME406 series from ACR ELT

Apart from the mentioned ELTs, you can also find a wide stock of Artex ELTs at SAS such as C406-1 /2 / N / 1 HM / N HM, B406-4, and G406-4, coming with their own distinct and beneficial attributes to ensure flawless signal transmission and immediate deliverance of the victim.

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