You are currently viewing A to Z ACR Safety Equipment from SAS’s Inventory

A to Z ACR Safety Equipment from SAS’s Inventory

A to Z ACR Safety Equipment from SAS’s inventory

The outset of any venture is effortless compared to the potential it takes to maintain the reputation in the game after becoming successful for the first time. The case is no different for Seattle Aviation Solutions either. With the competition getting pretty intense in the field of Aircraft spare parts supply on a daily basis, SAS had to make efforts and advancements in the existing business strategies to evolve as one of the best aviation solution providers around the world, as we are today. Part of this progression involved reinforcing business associations with our distributions channels; ACR Electronics being one of the prominent peers among them. 

ACR Electronics is considered an exemplar in providing avant-garde lifeguard equipment for military, aeronautics, and space applications in countries all over the world. Being the leading developers of airplane safety devices for 60 long years, the matter of quality and reliability of their products is beyond anybody’s concern since they’ve already proven their eminence by being the principal choice of NASA, U.S. Military and U.S. Coast Guard, by providing a broad array of survival products since 1956. This safety equipment manufacturing company relishes a remarkable position in the air industry by being the distributor of aircraft safety devices for expeditions of all sizes.

SAS has come a long way in assembling and stocking various spares and apparatus for airplanes from this renown firm, implementing a flexible single-window for customers to find every airplane equipment they look for and to avail forefront aircraft repair & maintenance services at reasonable rates. Owing to the growing requirement of aviation spares in the Middle East, SAS has extended its services by establishing several sales offices and warehouses in the region so that the customers are spared from the difficulties regarding inaccessibility of parts.

Embracing a broad spectrum of ACR spare parts, SAS dedicatedly caters to the requisites of clients from every corner of the world, right upon their requests. Our expansive assortment includes safety products such as Emergency Locator Transmitters, Beacon Lights, Water-activated LED Survival Locators, Emergency Strobe Lights, Navigation Interfaces and many items that are inevitable for the security of any flying vehicle during emergencies. Our ELTs come in diverse models; ELT 3000, ELT 4000 HM, ME406 ELT, ME406 Portable ELT, G406-4 ELT, etc., each of which is specifically designed and equipped to accommodate in corresponding aircraft types. 

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Emergency Locator Transmitters are a must item to carry on board during flights since the nature of dangers in the sky is almost always uncertain. As for Beacon lights and strobe lights, we provide the best in the market coming with guaranteed durability and amazing performance. In addition to this, we have tailor-made Personal Locator Beacons for the explorers and adventurers of the sky, with the beacon’s digital display professionally engineered and tested to provide live status and GPS coordinates while you’re in the air.  

We have a direct distribution from ACR Electronics; an additional reason for you to rely on our supplied items without any hesitation or hassles. Seattle Aviation Solutions reside upon a firm foundation that is built with trust and dedication and we constantly strive to meet the possibilities beyond expectations to ensure a perfect accomplishment of your flying goals.

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