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Aerox Pro-O2 and PrO2 Plus: How do they differ?

Aerox Pro-O2 tanks in a bag

At this point, it is clearly unnecessary to spell out the inevitability of oxygen systems in airplanes; we already have clarified the topic in our previous blogs on  Aviation Oxygen Systems. Anyhow, when you make purchases of oxygen supplies for your aircraft from SAS, it is important that you learn the features and characteristics of the available product types in order to avoid a clash between your actual requirements and the applications offered by the product.

At SAS, we stock and supply systems acquired from the leading aviation oxygen equipment manufacturers Aerox, whose products have a buoyant demand among aviation consumers, owing to their world-class quality, diversity, and reliability. We home a multitude of Aerox products in our warehouses, all specifically designed and equipped to meet varied requisites of the customers from general, business, or military aviation arenas. However, there may be a high chance for the customers to confuse Aerox Pro-O2 with the recently launched PrO2 Plus due to the resemblance in their names. Read on to discover how they differ and learn the purpose and peculiarities of each.

Aerox Pro-O2 tanks

Aerox Pro-O2 tanks 

Many a time, pilots are faced with situations where they are compelled to drop elevation immediately, mostly from the altitudes between 12,500ft. and 14,000ft., to escape unfavorable circumstances. During this short period when the airplane descends, aircraft occupants may face sudden breathing discomfort due to failure in cabin pressurization or the main supply system. 

In such emergency events, a Pro-O2 Emergency handheld system can be of tremendous help. The equipment comes with a 2CF Cylinder and single mask which can be easily activated by simply pulling the tank cable to receive a steady flow of oxygen for pilots and passengers until the aircraft reaches a safe altitude.  

Immediate features:

  • Holding up to 60 liters
  • 15-30 min supply
  • Including Refillable tank, Rebreather mask & hose 
  • No heat emission while using

Aerox PrO2 Plus tanks 

At higher altitudes, Hypoxia (the condition caused by the deficiency of oxygen in tissues) can be hard on pilots since, most of the time, the pilot himself won’t realize he is experiencing it. 

Once the cockpit occupants are down with Hypoxia, there is no need to mention how it goes for the rest of the occupants in the cabin. 

Designed especially for pilots to overcome such events, a PrO2 Plus can provide the comfort and support of breathable air to the cockpit crew while ascending to higher altitudes. 

This Flightbag portable system comes with a toggle on/off switch, flow indicator for safety, gauge, fill port, and OxySaver Conserving Cannula with quick donning and disconnecting specialties. Though they appear smaller in size, enough to fit into a flight bag, the product is capable of offering 3 1/2 hours endurance and a fixed-flow set for 18,000’ to support VFR pilots at any altitude. This system is highly recommended for all types of airplanes, especially business jets, and a must-have for solo travelers. 

Immediate features:

  • Compact & affordable
  • DOT-approved Aluminum bottles for easy storage
  • Can be used at altitudes as low as 8000 ft.
  • Self-sealing quick disconnect feature
Aerox Pro-O2 tanks in a white background

Both portable aluminum cylinders offer unlimited life and amazing ease of use. At Seattle Aviation Solutions, we provide tanks and accessories of all common configurations and specifications. Our Pro-O2 cylinder assemblage is available in 2, 4, or 6 cubic foot configurations of which the 4 or 6 cubic foot systems come with single or dual user configurations. Send us an RFQ at (email id) to get customized solutions for your individual aircraft needs.

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