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Find sealing perfection with PPG Aircraft sealants

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Sealing has a high level of significance in the aerospace industry given its numerous applications in keeping airplanes safe from various deteriorating factors. From nose to tail, there are plenty of areas in a plane exterior that require stable concealment support of sealants so that the damages can be avoided completely and better performance can be expected consistently.

Ever since the inception of Seattle Aviation Solutions‘ dealership with the innovative brand of Sealant manufacturers PPG Aerospace, we have been streaming high-quality sealant varieties for customers from every part of the world. PPG Sealants have ideal applications in filling fissures, granting protection from erosion, and aerodynamics purposes, the reason why they are one of the best solutions to obtain perfection in aircraft sealing intents.

PPG Aerospace sealants at SAS

You can find one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of aircraft sealants at SAS and by this, we mean everything from premixed sealers to customized solutions. On the frontline we have highly specialized PRC® and Pro-Seal™, which have great demand in the market since they are perfectly applicable in almost all types of aircraft models, for the purposes that involve fuel tanks, interlay, and window/windshield installations.

PPG sealant from Seattle aviation solutions

The elastomeric properties combined with the exceptional capability of PRC® products to endure deterioration caused by prolonged exposure to jet fuel, make them globally approved fuel-tank sealing solutions for virtually every aircraft around the globe. PR-1422 and Pro-Seal™ 890 are also not so far behind. SAS has its globally scattered sales offices operating day and night to make sure that the customers’ urgent requirements for sealing materials are met on time. 

Most-demanded PPG products at SAS

->Fuel Resistant 

PRC®, as mentioned earlier, is the best in this category. They are meticulously crafted by expert manufacturers at PPG to provide continued durability to the fuselages. PRC® is capable of waterproofing the joints at appropriate temperatures and it doesn’t lose adhesion when coming in contact with jet fuel or other airfields/engine fluids. Despite remaining exposed to fuel and aviation gases, PRC will maintain excellent elastomeric properties and cure at room temperature to form a resilient sealant exhibiting outstanding adhesion to common aircraft substrates.

->Pre-mixed & Frozen 

Unlike providing the sealants as base and accelerator that are mixed as per the user’s convenience, pre-mixed products are previously mixed, packaged, and frozen before they are delivered to the customers in dry ice. The user can thaw the ice to retrieve the sealant at the time of use. Just-in-time applications, reduced waste, superior quality, and cost-efficiency are some of the major benefits that differentiate pre-mixed products from traditionally packed ones.

->Customized Solutions

Customers tend to look for materials that are perfectly suited to their needs in every way possible. Which is why we have culled Customized Sealant Solutions(CSS) to cater to those who want an optimizing and simplified sealing procedure. Innovative provisions like PRC® seal caps and PRC® FIP strip sealant have a lot of time, labor, and quality benefits to offer. With CSS products, you can customize the sealing process according to your need rather than adjusting your needs to the product’s limited capability.

Aircraft sealant from SAS

Future projects and developments

Sealant specialists at PPG are currently engaged in developing innovative solutions based on advanced Permapol® polymers. They are expected to be lightweight; with abilities such as resistance to high temperatures, fast curing, and ease of application.

The new series of sealants will be made available at SAS as soon as the completed products hit the market.

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