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Purchase PM Research Leading Edge tapes from SAS

Priceless objects can turn useless in a matter of time unless they are taken care of with the closest attention. Though you may have kept them protected in advance with paint coatings, aircraft leading edges require more than just that to endure the possible erosion attacks during continuous air journeys. Luckily, there are a great deal of erosion protection options available, nowadays, in the forms of Leading-edge tapes and Radome boots, to completely secure your aircraft exterior from Foreign Object Damage or Debris (FOD) and abrasion damages.

At SAS, we constantly motivate ourselves to set our standards high so that our customers can receive the best quality products and services; our selective dealerships also reflect the same intention. PM Research, being one of the superior erosion protection product manufacturers in the industry, has a lot to offer in terms of airplane front edge protection. As quality-valuing service providers, we aspire to have their premium products promptly reach you through SAS and fulfill your requirements efficiently. 

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PM Leading Edge tapes

Our stock holds a comprehensive collection of clear adhesive 0.012″ thick polyurethane film in varied sizes. The film comes in an un-formed (straight) strip to support the effective attachment of protective strips to any leading edges of your aircraft such as Antenna bases, wings, horizontal tails, landing gear, and other flat edges. These films are ideally designed to be flexible enough to not leave gaps or breaks on the surface after installation. Our warehouse has tapes featuring five different widths: 1’’ 2’’ 3’’ 4’’ 6’’, with 100 feet per roll measurement. They also have numerous other applications including Automotive Erosion Protection.

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Benefits of PM Leading edge tapes:

  • Cost-efficiency

In matters of expensive assets such as airplanes, think long-term if you want to steer clear of significant maintenance expenses in the future. Though it might seem to you like an unwanted approach at first, especially when you already have quality coatings to keep the surface from being eroded by the wind, rain, and the varying temperature, you are actually inviting the possibilities of frequent coatings and maintenance for your aircraft exterior. 

Paints & Coatings are not robust and durable enough to withstand the heavy impact of eroding agents which is particularly high considering the speed at which an airplane flies. So, the best option is to purchase long-lasting front edge tape which can protect your investment by saving thousands on costly maintenance, while keeping your plane equipped to resist erosion damages for a very long time.

  • Ease of installation

With PM Research tapes, there are no complications involved whatsoever. Since they come in multiple widths, all you have to do is to choose the product of appropriate width in line with the type of surface you are working on, peel the strip up to the necessary length, and fasten them quickly to the surface before letting it sit for a while. Make sure the surface is wiped clean and completely free of dust or any rubble before installation. 

  • Other specifications

If the aesthetic aspect is what prevents you from utilizing this product, you are doing it for the wrong reason. The application of film does not diminish the sleek and polished appearance of your aircraft since they have an optimized thickness of 0.012″ which is virtually invisible to radar after installation. Plus, they are also UV stabilized to eliminate discoloration/yellowing over time; thus allowing your aircraft aesthetics to remain unaffected by the film in any way. 

Over the years, Seattle Aviation Solutions has grown into one of the top-preference aviation service providers for countless global clients, and the underlying reason for their unwavering trust invested in us is rather simple: we provide only quality products that could benefit the customers in numerous ways. Keep reading our blogs to learn more about the latest products and aviation services we offer at SAS.

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