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Shop for Finest Aviation Lighting Systems at SAS

LED light by PWI distributed by SAS

Aircraft lighting has to be done with utmost care. Though the lighting part of an airplane may appear inconsequential compared to the complex avionics and engine configurations, they deserve the same level of attention as the other components since they act as a pivotal factor in keeping the passengers at ease during flights and safely guide them to the exit in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Over the years, Seattle Aviation Solutions has been striving to assimilate the demands and unspoken necessities of aviation customers around the globe. And we have been amassing superior quality solutions to fulfill their diverse requirements. Our premium aircraft illumination systems from PWI Lights Inc. that offer exceptional capabilities, perfectly serve our intention to provide dependable light solutions to our patrons.

PWI lights inside and Aeroplane

A brief background on PWI

PWI Inc. is one of the pioneer light manufacturers in the aviation industry. They produce a broad spectrum of lighting systems ranging from Fluorescent bulbs to LEDs which is widely accepted among global customers owing to the products’ ability to overcome the typical as well as atypical limitations occurring inside airplane cabins and cockpits. Not only are they economical and efficient, but the systems also benefit the buyers by offering guaranteed robustness and excellent connectivity. Forty-five years of expertise in the production of innovative illumination solutions has enabled them to contribute more than 1500 different interior/exterior light types for popular aircraft models including King Air, Gulfstream, Citation, and Lear. 

PWI LED Replacement Reading Lights 

It doesn’t require your entire light settings to be removed in order to add LEDs to your aircraft. We have an exclusive Replacement Reading light assemblage that is specifically designed for existing fixtures. Name your model and we will deliver you the equipment that fits well with your existing airplane apparatus where incandescent bulbs used to sit. Besides offering 100K hours of life, reduced heat emission, and better directional lighting, these lights also add to the aesthetic appeal of your airplane interior.

PWI LED King Air upgrades 

If you own a KingAir and you are in search of a well-equipped illumination system that can replace the fluorescent bulbs on your private plane and also provide durability for the long run, PWI KingAir Upgrades are your right solution. While the fluorescent bulbs remain incapable of surviving the shock circumstances your private jet might face from time to time, the sturdy and superior King Air Upgrades from SAS are never faced with such issues since they are solid-state lights configured specially to withstand aircraft vibrations instead of shattering at the slightest tremor. Furthermore, the cabins will remain cool and comfy because of the lower power consumption feature of the LEDs and their ability to run even at cooler temperatures.

PWI reading lights in aircraft distributed by SAS

Fluorescent Lighting

Our in-stock fluorescent light systems at SAS encompass reliable and sturdy illuminators in 1800 different varieties. These are precisely manufactured according to the dimensions of the airplane models so that there are zero hassles while installing the systems to all sorts of fixtures inside the cabins, from lavatory to galley lights. The fluorescent bulbs offer a uniform color that is well-suited to the cabins and cockpits thus providing consistency in appearance. The lights are available in customized lengths, sizes, and shapes which can be easily purchased by logging into your customer portal account on our website and placing your orders from SAS.

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