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The Importance of Aviation Hydraulic Systems

As the aviation industry continues to grow, the importance of hydraulic systems becomes more evident. Not only do hydraulic systems make flying possible, but they also play a major role in the safety and efficiency of aircraft.

Let’s examine the importance of aviation hydraulic systems and how they help keep aircraft safe and operating at their best.

What Is an Aviation Hydraulic System?

An aviation hydraulic system is a system that uses hydraulic fluid to power various aircraft components. This fluid is pressurized and then directed through hoses and tubes to the multiple parts that need it.

The most common use of aviation hydraulic systems is in the landing gear operation. The hydraulic system does the work when you push the button to lower the landing gear. The fluid is pressurized and directed to the cylinders that control the movement of the landing gear.

Other common uses for aviation hydraulic systems include operating brakes, opening and closing cargo doors, and moving flaps and other control surfaces. A hydraulic system can power any system on an aircraft that needs movement.

How Do Aviation Hydraulic Systems Work?

As we mentioned, aviation hydraulic systems use hydraulic fluid to power aircraft components. The most common type of hydraulic fluid used in aviation is Skydrol. This fluid is designed for aircraft use and is highly resistant to fire and corrosion. It is also non-toxic, which is important since it can come into contact with aircraft fuel.

The hydraulic fluid is in a reservoir on the aircraft. When the system needs it, a pump pressurizes the fluid and directs it to the component that requires the fluid. Valves control the flow of hydraulic fluid throughout the system. These valves can open or close to allow or restrict fluid flow.

The pressure of the hydraulic fluid is what does the work of moving the various components. The higher the pressure, the greater the force you can exert.

Other Uses of Hydraulic Systems in Aviation

In addition to powering aircraft components, hydraulic systems work well in some aircraft deicing systems. These systems use high-pressure fluid to break up ice buildup on the wings and other surfaces of the aircraft.

Hydraulic systems are also in some aircraft anti-skid braking systems. These systems use sensors to detect when a wheel is skidding. When a skid is detected, the hydraulic system applies pressure to the appropriate brake to help stop the skid.

As you can see, aviation hydraulic systems play a vital role in the safe and efficient operation of aircraft. They are an essential part of what makes flying possible and help keep aircraft safe and operating at their best.

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