You are currently viewing Thriving Bonds: A peek at SAS & Lee Aerospace business tie-up

Thriving Bonds: A peek at SAS & Lee Aerospace business tie-up

Thriving Bonds: A peek at SAS & Lee Aerospace business tie-up

Together we stand, divided we fall. The good old saying couldn’t be more true when it comes to aviation. From the slide of the first bolt on the frame to the release of fully accomplished aircraft, there involves a sequence of hard work and collaboration of many through each step of progress, behind the scenes. Even after the fleets are out in the air soaring through the skies, the collaboration of quality aviation parts providers and the professional maintenance services is much-needed to keep the flying machines safe and intact. Like we said before, togetherness makes things happen. Looking back to the past years of fruitful services, SAS takes great pride in the affiliation we cherish with our exclusive dealers of aircraft windows, Lee Aerospace. 

Lee Aerospace is one of the leading manufacturers of airplane windows, aerostructures & composites in the industry. Purveying the requisites of popular airplane manufacturing companies such as Gulfstream, Hawker Beechcraft, Piper, Cessna, Bombardier Learjet, etc. for more than 25 successful years, the firm is still chasing after its curiosities and experimenting with technologies to bring forth the best aftermarket aircraft window solutions to the patrons across the globe. Understanding the time constraints and shipping issues faced by their clients, the company has stationed service technicians throughout the United States to provide assistance right away.

Aircraft window solutions

Aircraft Windows

Manufacturing cabin windows, windshields, and transparencies since 1989, Lee Aerospace ensures interior protection of airplanes by deploying top-quality windows that can withstand stress/extreme weather conditions and offer a clear outside view. From windshield and window repair and installation to aircraft transparency inspection and distribution, they continue to be the leader in fabricating world-class airplane windows. Their CoolView Window collection is one of their most demanding aviation products in the market at present.

Aircraft windows, Lee Aerospace


Extending from small benchtop assemblies to large scale fuselages, every single aerostructure you look for will be readily found at their aerostructure manufacturing unit. Incorporated with 50,000 square feet of assembly room floor and a dedicated team of highly-trained assembly workforce, the company clearly demonstrates the ways of becoming exemplars in providing state of the art aerostructures. By employing bench-type tools like Assembly Jigs (AJ) up to Floor Mounted Assembly Jigs (FAJ) and assembly techniques including installation of solid rivets, pull fasteners, tool-drilled holes, hand-drilled holes, coordinated pilot holes (ATA), close tolerance hi-lok holes, wet installed fasteners, and an automated riveter, Lee Aerospace assemble nose-to-tail aerostructures with utmost perfection.

Composite Manufacturing 

In commercial aviation, composite materials refer to the aggregate of diverse materials whose best properties can be combined to create effectual outcomes. Being the market leader and turnkey provider in manufacturing composite production parts & tooling, they render competent solutions to cater to your composite design and engineering requirements. Their composite manufacturing is NADCAP and NADCAP Measurement/Inspection accredited with a client base including reputable firms Boeing, Cessna, Bombardier, Learjet, and Gulfstream.

Aviation solutions

The Air Industry is known for its business difficulties. Nevertheless, the companionship of the right associates can bring noticeable development to business through the optimization of strength, capabilities, and expertise of the involved parties. By fortifying our connections with Lee Aerospace, we aspire to deliver the best of both worlds to our customers in the coming years.

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